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Choosing the right design company for your small business is not something to take lightly. And with so many designers out there, choosing the right one can be daunting. Here are some key things to think about when choosing your design company:

  • Do you like the work? Does their style fit with your company’s image?
  • Do you understand their process? Does it fit with your business’s needs and goals?
  • Do they offer what you’re looking for? Is it in your price range?
  • Is this the kind of company that understands what you are trying to accomplish?

step one

the initial service


the BrandHuddleTM

The BrandHuddleTM is our initial service. We do not do any other work without first doing a BrandHuddleTM. Why? Because in order for us to do the best work possible for your small business, we need to get to know your small business and you. The idea is to understand your process and define your goals.  We will identify issues with your current brand and construct a new cohesive identity that fits your business’s personality and style. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to create a brand identity that will attract your ideal clients and grow your business.

This will happen in a 2-3 hour intensive meeting and will result in a brand proposal (Brand Style Brief) that will set you on the path to awesomeness.

Brand Style Brief Example


*cost will be credited towards additional services

step two

design services

Lock Stock and Brand

Ready for this ship to set sail?! Using what we learned from the BrandHuddleTM, we will implement your brand strategy to create your new entirely cohesive brand identity. We will start with research and initial design generation, so we have a good idea what you like and what you don’t. We will then build you a shiny new website, complete with Google Analytics, a Gsuite email account, and SEO to attract, track and lock down potential clients. On top of that, we will design you a fresh new logo and marketing materials like business cards, stationery, newsletter templates, and more to promote your awesome new brand. Everything you need to start attracting the clients you deserve including a detailed brand guideline booklet so all future designs will be consistent with your brand identity.
All this in two days of your time, over a week of work (one day for initial design generation and one for review).

Brand Guidelines Example


*website includes a 1 year hosting and maintenance package


Just need a new website? Ok! Building off of what we discussed in the BrandHuddleTM, we will design and build your business a new website that sets you apart from the competition and highlights what makes you unique. Using research, insights, and your brand’s personality, we will create messaging and copy for your site and with SEO, make sure potential clients easily find your site. We will also set up Google Analytics so you will be able to track visitors on your website and convert leads into customers. And with a custom domain and Gsuite email account, you will be able to contact those new clients of yours.
All this in one day of your time, in 3-4 days of work (half a day for initial design generation and a half for review).


*website includes a 1 year hosting and maintenance package

The Guacamole

Not ready for a website? That’s ok. Creating a brand is just as much about being seen in person as it is being searched for online. Using the scope we developed in the BrandHuddleTM, we will create you a new logo and marketing materials to set your new business apart. A logo is the face of your brand, the first thing people see. It should be easily recognizable because it’s hard to forget. Marketing materials will help share your and make you stand out both creatively and professionally. Materials may include; business cards, postcards, sales sheets, invoices, stationery, banner adds and e-newsletter templates. Let’s share your new brand with the world.
All this in one day of your time, in 2-3 days of work (half a day for initial design generation and a half for review).


Gettin’ Social

Need to get connected?! It is a digital world after all and finding customers through social media is becoming more and more important. Let us help you by developing a social media marketing plan to reach potential clients. We will also create you some designs to get you started. Designs include a short promo video, advertisements, and icons/ banners for your social media accounts.
All this in one day of your time, over 3-4 days of work (a half day for initial design generation and a half for review).


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help with your ongoing design needs!

Your design needs don’t magically disappear after launching your brand. Staying connected with customers and promoting all the awesome stuff your business is doing is essential. Making it look good is brand savvy. Hire a designer that knows the ins and outs of your business’s brand. (that’s us!)

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