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our approach
Proper execution is only possible with the right diagnosis.

Step 1 – Speed Date

Step one is a simple form that you fill out online. It doesn’t take long, and it gives us an idea of what you are looking for and what it is you do.
Then we can decide if we are a fit and if we will both benefit from our collaboration. If we believe you will benefit from our services, we introduce you to our initial service the BrandHuddle. If not, we will point you in the right direction and offer any help that we can.

Step 2 – BrandHuddle

There is a lot that goes into your brand. You need to identify a target market, develop a personality, design products or services and figure out how to package all this and market it to potential customers.
So before we talk logo, website or any design, we sit down with you to complete a full brand and business strategy analysis. We brainstorm ideas, create goals and form a plan on how to implement your new brand strategy.

1-2 hour meeting       Investment: $300      Result: Brand Brief and Strategy

Step 3 – Design

We offer four additional services to the BrandHuddle. The first is a full brand build, complete with a new logo, website and whatever marketing materials we have deemed necessary to launch your brand. We also offer a web design service, a logo & marketing materials service, and a social media service.
The process takes three days to a week, one to two days which require your time depending on the service. We design as much as we possibly can in the delivery time, then we hand over all designs, teach you how to make simple changes to your website and provide a plan for how best to implement your marketing materials and social media designs.

Delivery Time: Three Days to a Week     Investment: $900-$4000     Result: A Badass Brand
process timeline

we cut out the crap to speed up the yay!

We have developed a process that cuts down on wasted time and maximizes output. By doing reviews together and having a clear vision we can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.

We also only work with one client at a time. We believe that we create our best work when we have a clean plate. You are our top priority because you are our only priority.

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