mountain bars

This case study explores product design and brand development. The idea is to have a company that produces a product, in this case, an energy bar, and explore ways that the company could creatively market their product. To do this, we need to establish a target market, create a brand personality and find creative ways to market the product.

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warehome studios

Warehome Studios came to us looking for help with their website. They had begun offering art classes in their studio and were gathering a lot of interest. The first few classes ran smoothly, students heard about the classes through word of mouth and contacted the studio directly for more information.

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ee web builder

EE Web Builder is a subsidiary company of Executivevents, which specializes in creating custom websites for conferences and events. The corporate event planning industry is very large and there are thousands of events and conferences each year.

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tri peaks brewing co

This case study investigates product design and distributing for a fictional brewery. The brewery is starting from scratch, needing; a name, logo, website, marketing materials, and product design. We must create a brand identity around a target market and the companies personality. The company is fictionally based in Santa Monica California.

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volcán azul

Volcán Azul is a catering company specializing in Mexican style cuisine based out of Lafayette, Colorado. They approached us looking for help launching their small business and marketing it to potential clients.

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guru mountain design

This case study is for a retail store, in a small mountain town, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The goal is to come up with creative ways to set this retail store apart. Steamboat is known for its "rustic" high-class mountain feel, and the shopping there reflects that. To reach our goal we need to establish a target market and develop a brand identity.

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the buoyancy diet

The Buoyancy Diet is a book written by John G. Lehew. John came to us looking for help illustrating and marketing the book. The book itself is about a dieting philosophy unlike most.

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wild west auto sales

Checkpoint Auto came to use looking for a total rebranding. The used car and auto body shop located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado had recently been bought and want to shed its old reputation and start fresh.

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Executivevents is an industry leading registration and corporate event planning company who came to jtbdesignco looking for a new website. The work they did was not reflected in their online brand presence.

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