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why do I need to be worried about my company's image?

If your company's image indicates that you sell lobsters to restaurants located in northeast Maryland, but you actually sell sporting goods equipment in Kentucky, you aren't going to attract the right kind of clients. And though this isn't a very realistic example, the point is the same. If you're not attracting your ideal clients, you will be working for the wrong ones. And the wrong ones are a pain in the ass and pay less.


how can you promise to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time?

It's all about how you approach the project. In my experience, it doesn't take long to create good work. What takes time is reviewing work and making changes. By setting time aside during the week to do these reviews and by doing the reviews together, it decreases that turn around time and more work is able to be created.


why don't you offer per-project based pricing?

Because it is impossible to know exactly how long something will take. If someone pays me $2000 for a logo and it takes me 3 hours to make that logo, that seems unfair to the client. Now I feel like I need to spend 17 more hours working on different variations of that logo so the client will have gotten their money's worth, even though I know they will end up picking the original logo. Seems like a waste of time and money. Why not spend that 17 hours working on a website or marketing materials that will actually be beneficial for their business. Vice versa, if I charge $300 for a logo that takes me 20 hours to make, that is bad business. If I stop after 3 hours, then the quality of work suffers and no one benefits.


what can I expect when I purchase a BrandHuddleTM?

I call it a meeting but really it's more of an interrogation. A nice one, with coffee. The goal in a BrandHuddleTM is to figure out what kind of business you want to run. Then we look at your current brand and figure out in what ways it is helping or hurting reaching your goals. We then discuss ways to build our brand to help accomplish your goals. Once we are done, I will provide a brand strategy game plan with suggestions for ways to implement the plan and reach your business goals.

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