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Awwsom Designs provides small businesses the resources they need to develop and grow their brand by helping them identify their goals, target a market audience and make a plan to reach potential clients. Awwsom Designs also provides custom design services tailored to the needs of small businesses. Starting a small business is exciting! Building a strong foundation is essential! Let us show you the way. Let your brand shine!
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Are we a fit? You are looking for something and so are we. Fill out a quick and painless form to see if we are a match. If we are, great! We can take the next step in this relationship with a BrandHuddleTM If not, no worries. We will point you in the right direction and send you on your way.
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Welcome to the BrandHuddleTM. This is where we complete a full brand and business strategy analysis to identify any obstacles or full on dead ends. We brainstorm ideas, create goals and form a plan on how to implement your new brand strategy.
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After the BrandHuddleTM you will have a shiny new game plan ready to put to work. We can help with that if our price is right. We offer three services to get your new brand up and running. If not, take your new strategy and go kick some ass! No hard feelings, either way.
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  • The BrandHuddle
    • step one

      The BrandHuddleTM is the initial service we provide. We do not do any other work without first doing a BrandHuddle. Why? Because for us to do the best work possible, we must get to know your small business. The idea is to understand your process and define your goals. There is always room for improvement. Is what you are doing, or trying to do, working? How can we make it better? We identify branding issues and brainstorm ways to promote your brand and increase ROI. The goal is to create a game plan that when implemented will result in a business you enjoy running, and that makes you money doing work you love.
      This will happen in a 1-2 hour intensive meeting and will result in a brand proposal that will set you on the path to awesomeness.


      *cost will be credited towards additional services
  • Lock Stock and Brand
    • step two (optional)

      Taking what we learned from the BrandHuddleTM, we implement your brand strategy to create a new entirely cohesive brand identity. We start with research and initial design generation, so we have a good idea of what you like and what you don't. We then design and build a shiny new website, complete with Google Analytics, a gsuite email account, and SEO to attract, track and lock down potential clients. On top of that, we design a fresh new logo and marketing materials like business cards, stationery, newsletter templates, and more to promote your awesome new brand. Everything you need to start attracting the clients you deserve!
      All this in two days of your time, in over a week of work (one day for initial design generation and one for review).


      *website includes a 1 year hosting and maintenance package
      *website also includes email and google analytics
  • WebBooster
    • step two (optional)

      Building off of what we discussed in the BrandHuddleTM, we will design and build your business a new website that sets you apart from the competition and highlights what makes you unique. Using research, insights, and your brand's personality, we will create messaging and copy for your site and with SEO, make sure potential clients easily find you. We will also set up Google Analytics to easily track visitors and convert leads into customers. Each website comes with a custom domain and gsuite email account.
      All this in one day of your time in 3-4 days of work (half a day for initial design generation and half for review).


      *website includes a 1 year hosting and maintenance package
      *website also includes email and google analytics
  • The Guacamole
    • step two (optional)

      Your company’s brand speaks for the company when the you cannot. So it is extremely important that your brand is saying the right things. Using the scope we develop in the BrandHuddleTM; we create a new logo and marketing materials to set your business apart. A logo is the face of a brand, the first thing people see. It should be easily recognizable because it's hard to forget. Marketing materials will help share your brand and make it stand out both creatively and professionally. Materials may include; business cards, postcards, sales sheets, invoices, stationery, banner adds, and e-newsletter templates. Let's share your new brand with the world.
      All this in one day of your time in 2-3 days of work (half a day for initial design generation and half for review).


  • Gettin’ Social
    • step two (optional)

      Need to get connected?! It is a digital world after all and finding customers through social media is becoming more and more important. Let us help you by developing a social media marketing plan to reach potential clients. We will also create some designs to get you started. Designs include a short promo video, advertisements, and icons/ banners for your social media accounts.
      All this in one day of your time, over 3-4 days of work (a half day for initial design generation and a half for review).


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Awwsom Designs is a small one-man show run by Jonathan Taylor Bartlett (Taylor) based out of Saint Louis. He set out to create a small business that provides quality design work for other small businesses at an affordable price. What he discovered was that while good design is great, it’s not the type of help small businesses need. They need help identifying their goals, figuring out their target market and making a plan to reach potential clients. They needed a brand strategist.

Taylor also considers himself an “artist” after receiving a BFA from the University of Colorado Boulder. He creates beautifully horrific works of “art” and uses the same approach in his design as he does in his art – create things that make people think and that look awesome. To check out some of his art, visit

4562 Oakland Ave, Saint Louis, MO